Frequently Asked Questions

Carmen, before her flower crown days...


Q: Where do you get the goat milk for your soap?

A: We have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, including Carmen whose beautiful image in her flower crown was captured here at our homestead by Jose G. Lopez Jr. We've raised goats for 8 years and enjoy them so much--they each have such character and personality.  


Q: Where do you get the flowers on your soap tops? 

A: The flowers we place on our soap tops come from our cottage garden. Creating a business that allows us to raise goats AND flowers is our idea of heaven!   


Q: Will the tag on this soap really sprout wildflowers?

A: Yes! Because we love to grow things so much, the idea for a plantable tag on our soap came from the hope that personally sprouting flowers would bring additional joy and beauty to our customers. We've sourced the paper for our tags from a company who collects office recycling and turns it into beautiful seed paper. The seeds contained in the paper are a blend of flowers and include Bird's Eyes, Clarkia, Sweet Alyssum, Black Eyed Susan & Catchfly.


Q: How do I plant my soap tag?

A: In a pot or in the ground in a sunny location, cover your plantable paper with 1/8" of soil and water generously. Keep the soil moist for 10 days to allow the seeds to germinate. Once the seeds sprout, keep moist but take care not to overwater. Enjoy them!


Q: How long will my soap last?

A: Once it's in use, how long it lasts really depends on how you care for it. Keeping your soap on a draining soap dish or on a shower rack to allow it to dry out between uses will extend its life. In our household, one full sized bar usually lasts between 2-3 weeks. 


Yes, they have sweaters... ;)